Jane Aubourg & Sarah Whillier | “Exposition: Midnight Sun” | TEDxUWollongong 2018

Jane is a composer, violinist, and media artist. As a performer, she works with loops to build an compositions from scratch on stage to perform a mesmerising mix of folk and post-minimalist music. She also works with the new music collective the music box project. As a composer, she has written music for games, film, and comics. Her work draws from minimalism, post-minimalism and folk music, and is rooted in her practice as a violinist and an improviser. She has studied composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, as well as media arts and philosophy at the University of Wollongong.

Sarah is an actor, director, circus aerialist and dancer. She has trained and worked in Australia, Scotland, Thailand, and Germany, including at festivals (Peats Ridge, Hidden Door, the Edinburgh Fringe), in immersive theatre, improvised comedy (Comedy Club Bangkok), and circus shows, as well as teaching these skills.

Together they will perform and original composition titled, “Exposition: Midnight Sun”….a piece which creates a conversation between music and movement, to the backing track of Icelandic sounds collected by Jane of a recent creative expedition.