Dr Pia Winberg | “From planetary services to the molecules of life – we need seaweed” | TEDxUWollongong 2018

Dr. Pia Winberg is an Honorary Fellow School of Medicine with UOW and also the CEO Venus Shell Systems & PhycoHealth

Pia is a non-conventional scientist who has pursued a career spanning science, industry and community. Her foundations in marine systems ecology and a local perspective have shaped her journey from understanding global-scale disruption of molecular cycles to creating a new platform of market ready products from seaweed. These include an award-winning corn chip and bio-inks for regenerative medicine. The products are Pia’s way of joining nodes of knowledge and communicating scientific solutions to a bigger audience. Pia’s experience is that we already have solutions for the future, but that the pieces of knowledge are not well connected and that the story science is telling is falling on deaf ears. Pia believes that change can only happen through people, but for people to change things they must also understand by being able to touch and see the story and the solutions. And that means that science steps out of the exclusive zone into an inclusive zone; at the bar with some seaweed corn chips, wine and good conversation about the exciting possibilities for the molecules hidden in seaweed.